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Backing Your Business, by Presetar was established by an  entrepreneur just like you.  When he started building his business holdings, he had no capital- no rich family member to run to for assistance; he only had an entrepreneurial spirit that drove him to succeed.  As he quickly found out, cash is a vital tool in an entrepreneur’s drive to fulfill his dreams.  Cash is needed for operations, for equipment, for payroll.  Our Founder established Backing Your Business, by Prestar because he has been in your shoes.  He has used companies just like Backing Your Business, by Prestar to fund his own dreams.  Because of experience, we understand this market needs an honest and transparent funding source to help small businesses get the capital they need to survive and thrive.

First, we listen. Our unique underwriting process encompasses the story of who you are as a person, a small business owner and the circumstances of your situation. We account for the unique circumstances that may have led to blemished credit, irregular sales or past due taxes or bills. This allows us to offer capital to businesses rejected by other options and provide better rates by realizing your business’s strength beneath the surface.

We look at all the options. 
As a small business formed by an entrepreneur, we find innovative ways to help our customers. We start with the most appropriate solution to help you complete your business goals. Maybe you need traditional Backing Your Business, by Prestar funding, or maybe you simply need to buy some equipment. We can help you make the most financially sound decision for your business.    


 We customize every deal to the unique cash flow needs of our customers and will offer multiple, sustainable solutions, so you can evaluate what’s best for your business. Whether it’s funding for a one time project or ongoing capital, Backing Your Business, by Prestar can help with any of your business financing needs.

“ We believe that by replacing distrust with a personal relationship, combining the customer story with the company’s data points, honoring the potential of the entrepreneur’s spirit, and valuing relationships over automation, we are building a better way- where small business owners can trust the financing process and easily access the best solutions, from lines of credit to equipment purchasing.”

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