What funding options do you have?

Our founder has been in your very shoes.  He knows what it is like to need capital, because of this he created a unique platform of funding and our business advisors offer you access to the best options at the best rates. Our ethical business practices have made us the go-to for small businesses in need of funding. In addition to our customizable in-house financing solutions, Backing Your Business, by Prestar has established a network of trusted partners to extend your access to the best financing options on the market. You can rest assured that we will find the appropriate solution for your needs. 


I need funding, what do I do next?
Reach out to our experienced Business Advisor  and schedule a time that we can come hear your story.  Our experienced and knowledgeable Business Advisors want to get to know you, understand your business history, and learn about your future goals.  Our relationship based financing approach allows us to customize the best funding solution for you at the best rates and expand funding access for those unable to secure traditional financing. Our Business Advisor becomes your advocate in our qualifications process. 

Types of Financing:

Revolving Line Of Credit: A fast, easy, and convenient way to access unrestricted cash. 

Purchase Financing: Fast, simple financing for your large purchases and contracts. 

Specialty Financing: Niche products specifically based on one or more factors such as industry, credit, maturity, collateral, location, and size.

Factoring: Convert your B2B invoices into immediate cash. 


Seek out and take on new projects knowing you have cash on hand to continue running your business. Successfully Purchase Finance.